Chinese bride


When you put up your hair1, spread before me 10 li2 of gifts3, will you be mine?

1In dynastic China, both the bride and groom must tie up their long hair once they come of age or at the moment of marriage

2Li is a measurement of unit equivalent to half a kilometer

3In courting and wedding traditions, the groom’s family prepares a multitude of gifts for the bride’s family, which is partially returned with the bride’s dowry

The kwa is traditionally sewed and embroidered carefully by the bride’s own hand, bestowing her dreams and prospects for the upcoming marriage into each and every stitch. The bride’s crimson kwa heralds a long and harmonious marriage, and protects the couple’s everlasting love.


Each gown represents the bride’s happiness, their mother’s comfort and peace of mind which is why each gown is unique to the individual who wears it. Each gown wore represents the very definition of the Chinese female culture, to express both the internal and external beauty.